Quality Control

Based on the assumption that any investment on product quality would be appreciated on the customers’ side, our company has been providing quality control services on its own from the very beginning of our existence in the market. For that purpose, barcode system was established preparing the ground for thorough inventory management and planning ability.


Single-width Fabrics:

Rayon Fabric (width: 90 cms) (weight: 115-120 grams/linear m)  Printed and Plain-dyed varieties

Rayon Twill Fabric (width: 90 cms) (weight: 140-145 grams/linear m)  Printed and Plain-dyed varieties

Rayon Acrylic Fabric (width: 90 cms) (weight: 180-185 grams/linear m) Printed varieties

Double-width Fabrics:

Rayon Challie Fabric (width: 150 cms) (weight: 175-180 grams/linear m)  Printed, Plain-dyed and Tie-dyed varieties

Rayon Twill Fabric (width: 150 cms) (weight: 220-225 grams/linear m)  Printed, Tie-dyed varieties

Rayon Acrylic Fabric (width: 150 cms) (weight: 280-290 grams/linear m) Printed and Plain-dyed varieties


Jacquard Fabric (width: 150 cms) (weight: 205-210 grams/linear m)  Plain-dyed and Tie-dyed varieties