About Us

Üni-teks was established in 1983 as an initiative to have printed fabric produced and supplied at wholesale for domestic market. With its emphasis on customer satisfaction and product quality, the company had become a leading brand throughout Anatolia within a short period of time.

Our product range is basically composed of printed and dyed varieties of woven viscose and its derivatives, raw fabric of which are imported. The range encompasses both double width(150 cms wide) and narrow(90 cms wide) fabrics so that our products are able to serve the needs of garment industry as well as those of traditional sewing methods. Enjoying 30 years of experience and having adopted the quality standard as the driving principle; the company possesses a well-established and broad network of customers throughout Istanbul and whole Anatolia.

Our objective is essentially to sustain our leading position in the sector and to present the best through giving no room to concessions on quality. To serve that purpose, we are always open to feedbacks from our customers and ready to channel our expertise into brand new designs and qualities presented by accelerating trends.